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Print Preferences 11.07.2012 11:22


I'm working on Print Preferences Layout and want to access the names of some Multivalues.

For values it would be the ##value## option that gives me the result of the corresponding value, but how do I pass its name?


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Re: Print Preferences 12.07.2012 09:21

by now you have not available at the code/print layout sections the 'names' of the values selected. We'll include for next version of the extension a way to have them available, but in the meantime, you could use a workaround:

Define each option value as


When you recover the value you can get the two parts splitting the value this way:

$pieces = explode("#", $value);

$optionname= $pieces[0];
$optionvalue= $pieces[1];

Both variables $optionname and $optionvalue will be available to print at Print layout.

Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team
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