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Sections and Linked list 31.05.2012 12:06

i created a section and i want my guests to choose up to 5 products.
The link for my demo version:

First combo box ($cat_1) is an option list and the other 3 (cat_1_link, cat_1_link_link, cat_1_link_link_link) are linked lists.

I have 2 problems:
1)Linked list works only for the first section. When changing option list in sections 2 to 5, all the other linked lists aren't refreshed.

2) How can i calculate which option selected in each section? I am using $cat_1[$i] for the option list to get selected item, but this doesn't work for the 3 linked lists.

Re: Sections and Linked list 02.06.2012 11:00

you're right, linked lists have an issue working inside sections. We're going to publish a fix that you could download at customer area. As soon as it's available we'll also leave a comment here.

Thank you, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Sections and Linked list 03.06.2012 13:00

done. Please download at customer area the new CB v2.0.2, which includes a fix for linked lists working inside sections. You will also find a new example to download 'Sections: Get values from sections', with basic example of how values should be recovered when using dynamic sections.

Thank you, regards

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Moonsoft Team
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