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Start guide 18.10.2011 20:38

I am sorry but I have read through the documentation and looked at the examples but I am still very confused on what to do. I do not program in PHP. Can you at least give me a start so I can at least have an idea where to begin?

Thank you,

Re: Start guide 18.10.2011 20:39

We've attached to examples on the site the simplest calculator that we can think of. It is about sum of two integer numbers. Please import and check:
Input files: we have defined the two numbers, and named the variables as 'number1' and 'number2'
Code: you don't have to do complex coding in php, just follow the math sintax to build the result(s). For this case, a single operation is needed and the sum is called 'result'.
Matrix: please check we've defined an output table that contains one cell with '$result' inside.

Hope you get the functions of the calculator following this example.
Moonsoft Team
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