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Put labels above field 06.02.2020 21:28

Hi there,
I use auto layout. I get the labels to the left of the fields. I would like to get the labels ABOVE the fields though. Anyone knows how to do this?

Re: Put labels above field 07.02.2020 09:27

if you want a different layout from the one suggested your best option is to introduce yourself the fields into your own html structure. You can freely use the html editor in order to create your custom layout, so if you want to print the label and the field in another line, you could insert the label into simple divs without using bootstrap classes. Or, you can also use the auto generate layout and then remove the classes of the divs and labels in order to get the same effect.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Put labels above field 07.02.2020 09:43

Thanks! Already started this option with Uikit and look likes that's gonna work.
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