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VM Plugin: Custom Field as Plugin 22.07.2016 18:08

Good morning

I wonder how to get the value from a custom field as plugin (Text Input) in the calculator. I already know as String dropdown list is $_arrData["Custom Field Name"]. But I cant get the value in the same way for text input.

Thanks in advance

Re: VM Plugin: Custom Field as Plugin 25.07.2016 09:09

seems VM sends parameters on a different way depending on its type. We have here the VM custom field- customer input, which sends
always a parameter "comment". Is this one the field you're trying to recover?

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: VM Plugin: Custom Field as Plugin 25.07.2016 17:10

Good morning,

Yes that same field (VM Custom - Customer text input) is the one I am trying to get in the calc but I tried:
$_arrData['Cantidad'] (Field name)

Without luck, so I cant find the way. Any tip is really appreciate.


If you need to check the admin, I already sent the info by ticket system

Thank you so much

Re: VM Plugin: Custom Field as Plugin 25.07.2016 22:42

please try with this:


If you still can't get any value, please place a new ticket and share an url where we can see that field in action inside a product, we'll debug and let you know how to recover the value sent.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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