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Incomplete email headers - Bug? 11.01.2016 04:07

I was experiencing a problem where some of the email headers values from email generated from Calc Builder were missing, and thus defaulted to my server's default settings. This was causing emails to go into the spam folder in Gmail.

In reviewing the code, I believe lines 740 and 741 of /components/com_calcbuilder/models/calcbuilder.php are wrong:

$config->get( 'config.mailfrom' ),
$config->get( 'config.fromname' ) );

changing them to

$config->get( 'mailfrom' ),
$config->get( 'fromname' ) );

solved my problem. I am a php/Joomla API novice, so don't take my word for it.

Re: Incomplete email headers - Bug? 11.01.2016 10:48


You're right. The way we get Joomla configuration parameters change between joomla versions, so we added code for backward compatibility, and, in this case, this is how to get parameters in Joomla 3+

We added to next release. Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team
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