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Automatically send PDF to Admin 07.10.2015 17:45


Is it possible to automatically generate and send a PDF to a person within the organisation following the submission of a from by a customer ?



Re: Automatically send PDF to Admin 08.10.2015 09:20

you can configure the calculator to automatically send an email when calculator is executed. This is set at the 'email' tab of your calculator, where you can include manually the destination email/s, or use any field from the input form. The content of the email will be the one configured at 'print preferences' tab, so you decide if you want to add the input and/or output and/or free contents.
The email is sent as html content, not as a pdf attached. For this purpouse, you'd need to add the code yourself at the code section. There is an example calculator with this code included at your customer area (send email with PDF), that you can download and use as template for build your own code.

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