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Selecting correct value from a spreadsheet 23.08.2015 18:38


Silvia Martín has been helping me so far and she has asked me to post any further questions on this forum.

The type of form is to calculate the cost of an arbitration service in the case of a dispute.

The requirement is to have a form with one data entry field. This field could either be:
- a numeric field with the $ amount under dispute
- a drop down list of ranges of amount under dispute, e.g., $550 - %500, $5001 - $10,000, etc

Depending on the value entered the cost of the arbitration must be found from the mapped spreadsheet.

(Silvia Martín has the spreadsheets and the output required as it is not possible to add them directly here).

Is it better to use a single value field or a selection list as the input and how do we map this value to the cost of arbitration amount in the spreadsheet ?

Hope that this request is clear - Silvia Martín has already confirmed in our pre-sales conversation that it is possible.



Re: Selecting correct value from a spreadsheet 24.08.2015 09:47

in fact you can configure your calculator either way, using a text input or a combobox. We received by email your doc and pdf but you didn't sent a working spreadsheet, if you have the excel working with free input, the calculator can work the same way, if you already have a combobox at the excel, then the easiest way to configure would be to use a combobox at the calculator form as well.

The first step would be to focus on having the excel working properly, returning in any cell the required value when the input cell is filled, then you can create your inputs at the calculator side, and a simple mapping of the input and output would do the work. If you need further help with the configuration you can upload your spreadsheet zipped at the helpdesk ticket system you can access from your customer page.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Selecting correct value from a spreadsheet 27.08.2015 04:12


This was very helpful.

For an Excel Combobox do we select the Multiple Option type?



Re: Selecting correct value from a spreadsheet 27.08.2015 09:08

for an excel combobox you should create a field typed 'option list'. When you enter the set of options at calcbuilder, use a free text for each option and the same text at 'value' that you have at your excel combobox, in order to have the mapping working properly when the values are sent to the excel.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team
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