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does not work table, if it contains more rows than one 09.08.2014 05:31

I have created a hidden block in the form of a table that contains five fields of type "option list"(1), "option list"(2), "number", "result inline"(1), "result inline(2)."
Also set the price matrix for the fields "option list", "option list". The result of this combination is displayed in the "result inline(1)."
This table works if it contains only one such line calculated.

Perhaps the visitor will want to calculate the price for just two (or more) combinations "option list"(1) - "option list"(2).

But when I add in this table have 2-3 lines with the same fields, the table will not work.

Also, the table does not work if I add these lines via the "section".

How to make a table to work with several of these lines?

Re: does not work table, if it contains more rows than one 11.08.2014 09:10


In any form, if you use the same fields name in one form, you'll only get the last one. If you need to get several lines you should replicate your fields and the inline results with different variable names and include them at different rows of your table.

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team
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