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display: none & JQuery radiobutton issue 24.07.2014 21:20

Hello there,

I reused the code from your demo example#2 (subscribe form) and added matrix values to it. It worked fine, but i don’t need multi options so I changed checkboxes to radio buttons at fields configuration and js.
changed two lines from:
jQuery('#hobbies input[type="checkbox"]...
jQuery('#hobbies input[type="radio"])...

Now I have two problems here:
1. I can’t get the values from matrix to calculate the result (works fine with checkboxes thou). Just wondering what I have to add/change in js tab.
2. I don’t see buttons (or checkboxes before) so I have to manually change from display:none to display: block all the time to see them. I can’t find any css file that might be responsible for that, how to make that buttons to appear?

Thank you,

Re: display: none & JQuery radiobutton issue 25.07.2014 09:26

that example adds some specific functions (show/hide effects) and multiple options that may cause the code to be more complex. For your case, if you need radiobuttons, just remove all code from javascript tabs (that code includes some 'hide' lines that cause the different sections to show and hide depending on the buttons). Then you can recover data selected just using the name of the variable used, at your code section


will contain the value selected at the radiobutton (Romantic,Thriller...)

so you can use it to recover data from matrix or use it as needed.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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