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Sorry for bad English, it is necessary to use translation Goglev 25.02.2014 21:48

How to make an order form with a calculator.

Bought Calc Builder.
How to make a calculator, like understood.
This component but I relied soozdaniya order form for goods.
How to make a form, I can not understand.
Could you help me?
For example, as my test site:
The form did not ustraevaet can with your help and your component I get what you need.

Sorry for bad English, it is necessary to use translation Goglev

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Re: Sorry for bad English, it is necessary to use translation Goglev 26.02.2014 12:24

don't worry, please note you can also use French or Spanish to contact us, in case it helps you.
In order to build a form like you have at your site, you should follow these basic steps:

- Create the fields: create several fields typed 'text' and three typed 'option list' for the comboboxes, lets say you named them



- Place the fields at the form. Go to form layout and use the helper button or place the fields as required with these sintax




- Write the calculator code: at the code you can calculate with the values recovered, no code is needed if you only need to recover values from the form.

- Configure the form results. Write any output at the exit layout, and configure options and the 'preferences' tab to send you an email with values selected for example with the parameter 'send form results to'. The content of the mail would be the one present at 'print preferences tab' where you can include input layout, output layout and/or free content for your mail.

- Not sure if this solves your question, let us know if you need more detailed explanation on any of the points. Maybe you will find of help the video tutorials and the examples you can download from customer area.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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