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remove PDF excel links 10.11.2011 13:43

I meant to ask two quick questions or one maybe a feature request.

A Free Text field so that you can add some descriptions/titles above or below the fields. I take it that this is not possible at the moment?
I wish to remove the down pdf excel file links. Do I have to "hack" to module to do this?


Re: remove PDF excel links 10.11.2011 13:44

about the text fields, at this time that type of field is not available (maybe will be added for future versions). Also we'll add more configuration parameters to show/hide links to export files and email option. Now you can hide them defining visibility of the links, please locate this file:


and check this classes:


(for pdf)


(for excel)


(for email)

you only must add


inside the block you want to hide.

Hope this helps,
best regards

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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