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Linked fields broken 07.08.2013 18:15

After updating from some older version to 2.11.11 linked fields with level two linking wont pull multivalues anymore. Variable "from_state" works but next one "from_state_to" (linked to "state") will not. Did something change or is it a bug?

Re: Linked fields broken 08.08.2013 17:08

nothing has changed on this part, so they should work normally on all versions. We'd like to check if it's a problem with certain upgrades. Could you please let us know from which version did you launched the upgrade, and if it still fails when upgrading to latest version 2.1.12?

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Linked fields broken 08.08.2013 21:21

Updated from 2.1.0. Here's the confusion though: I though I updated to v 2.11.12 but when I hit the download link next to v2.1.12 the zip file it links to is which is what I updated to.
Would you look into this and let me know if I indeed have the latest version or link needs corrected.
As for getting linking to work again - should I reinstall CalcBuilder completely?

Re: Linked fields broken 08.08.2013 21:57

Yes, sorry, now the link is pointing to the right file. Please download again, you should get version 2.1.12, and lauch the installer. It will upgrade the files needed without deleting your calculators.
Moonsoft Team

Re: Linked fields broken 08.08.2013 22:01

Looking into it, will report back.

Edited by moon_766 - 08.08.2013 22:07

Re: Linked fields broken 08.08.2013 22:13

Version 2.1.12 works! Form layout got changed but will get that straightened out someday.

Re: Linked fields broken 20.08.2013 00:34

An issue now is that nothing happens after hitting calculate button and check boxes are not click-able in Opera browser. Could you give a hint where to start looking or will you need to look at the code yourself? Please advise.

Edited by moon_766 - 20.08.2013 00:41

Re: Linked fields broken 20.08.2013 10:37


We suggest to check if other example calculator is working in order to confirm if there are javascript errors in your webpage. If problem is happening only in your calculator you can test 'Exit Layout', writting only fixed text, and try to comment out lines of your code ( using // )until you find the sintax error.

If you are unable to find the origin of your issue, please place a ticket at helpdesk and share your url, and we'll take a look.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team
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