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Different weight 23.11.2015 22:46

I would find very interesting to give different weights on users' answers(or steps). That is if surely there is a product that replies exactly to all answers (100% relevance) but other products a little bit different that not respond to an answer (80% relevance) and so on.
I think it could give, in my opinion, a more complete experience on my site. what do you think? I hope to have explained well my idea.


Re: Different weight 24.11.2015 11:07

thanks for your feedback. We think we get the main idea but we're not sure of which should be the interface in order to configure and show the results. Would you add an extra configuration field for each step in order to input its weight?

Then, when results are shown,you would show all results ordered by relevance, or maybe add another field to configure the minimum relevance needed to show one result?

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Different weight 24.11.2015 22:46

In my opinion to show results ordered by relevance and to show the percentage of this relevance (first ten or more results) it would be fantastic!
an extra field could be a good solution.
do you could do this?


Edited by papero - 24.11.2015 23:11

Re: Different weight 26.11.2015 11:21

ok, we get the point, thank you. We can include this at the features requests list for future improvements of the extension, and include it if we find more users interested in such function. If for your case this is a must, you can also ask using the helpdesk about building a custom release for you with this specific function included.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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