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Multiple Step-Answers per Solution 21.08.2014 08:42


sometimes there are products, which fit more then one answer per Step. It would be nice, if it would be possible, to choose more than one possible answer while creating a solution.

For example:

We have a shop for animal-food

Step1 (of severals):
Breed: ()small () medium ()big ()Yorkshire

Now we have 3 products, which I would like to create as solutions as follow:

Good-food-for-yorkshire: Step1=Yorkshire
Better-food-for-big-breeds: Step2=big
Best-food-for-small-breeds: Step1=small or Yorkshire

Re: Multiple Step-Answers per Solution 21.08.2014 10:37

yes, that's a very good contribution. We add this new function to the development tasks. Thanks very much for your feedback.

[Edit]. In the meantime, please note you have also the option to link a solution to a joomla article. You can create articles linking to categories or including several products, so several products can be packed on the same article thus single solution step.


Edited by MSTeam - 21.08.2014 10:54
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