Table Manager

Table Manager quick guide

With this link you can download the quick guide of Table Manager extension.    Quick guide   This guide will give you an overview of the main functions, please check further... Continue reading


First of all you must install the component at your joomla backend. Troubleshooting: Failed to load this file in server This new version of the extension contains a heavy library, regarding... Continue reading

Table Manager: basic steps

The first backend view when you access Table Manager menu link is the existing list of names and their associated tables. You can use the first options to manage data from your database... Continue reading

Creating/Managing tables of your database

If you have already your database tables created, you can skip this step. Please note you can also create your database tables from any other database manager, Table Manager will be able to handle... Continue reading

Creating table manager

Once you have available your database tables, you can link your new tables (or previously existing ones) to lists ready to be shown and managed from the front-end. Click 'New' to manage a database... Continue reading


You have available different tabs with several configuration parameters. Pager: This tab configures the front-end pagination of your data. Set how many options you want to see at the 'show'... Continue reading

Publishing the component

This is a basic step, just create a new menu item and select component table manager as its type, setting the list required at the basic parameters tab and you will have your front-end manager ready... Continue reading

Front end management

Your data table will be shown according to your back-end configuration. Users can use the tool bar and filters to search inside the records, use the pager to navigate through the record set,... Continue reading

Use case: Create links dynamically using calculated column

At this tutorial we'll show how to configure a calculated column to create a working link to an url that is stored at that field. As a first step, we'll create a new database table that will... Continue reading

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