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prevent duplicate records 30.01.2022 12:27

I want to suggest you to make checking before updating record in table to prevent duplicating
Of course it must be optionally for choosen fields

Re: prevent duplicate records 31.01.2022 10:46

thank you very much for your feedback. In fact you have already a method to prevent duplicating key fields. As you're directly editing the database records, you can introduce this restriction at your db table, creating a unique key for one (or more) fields, something like

ALTER TABLE Persons ADD CONSTRAINT MyConstraintPerson UNIQUE (LastName);

With this restriction your database will be in charge of validating data before the insert/update operation. With latest LM version 4.1.10 we have forwarded this validation error to the page, so if you try to insert a non-valid value using List Manager you will get a message like this:

Duplicate entry 'Jordan' for key 'MyConstraintPerson'

Hope this helps,regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: prevent duplicate records 31.01.2022 15:07

Thank you. It works. I can see Error message.
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