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Date display 27.04.2016 09:34


Me again

The reset button is very useful, but it does not erase the text in the editor.

And if I dared, would it posible that the form data are no longer visible in the frontend to date, but I can keep the backend?

Since we have this page, or only displayed the "events" of the day and those of the following days?

Thank you very much

Edited by Lénique - 27.04.2016 09:35

Re: Date display 27.04.2016 13:27

ok, the text editor reset can be a bug with the editor, we'll solve for the next version. Regarding your other suggestion, you can display filtered dates using the 'view' option of your list.
You only need to create a 'view' (from your list->edit->toolbar menu)and select the following filter configuration for the field containing the date:

- If you want to show only events in the future
datafilter= more than
value = NOW()

-If you want to show events in the future (including today)
datafilter= more than

Then you should publish your list view instead of the main list at your menu/module configuration.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 27.04.2016 15:26

Thank you for your speed, I created the list view, but I do not know how the issue instead of the main list


Re: Date display 27.04.2016 16:51

in order to publish a view instead of the main list you must go to your menu/module options and change the parameter 'list to be published' where you have selected your list to another option that will read:

Your list->your view

Hope this helps,regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 28.04.2016 09:53

I did as you told me, (changed the settings ...) to publish the view but it's still the original list that is displayed.
Would I have done something wrong?

Re: Date display 28.04.2016 11:50

please double-check, these are the only steps needed:

Create the view
Configure the date filter
Publish the view.

We have tried here and it works with the filter configuration we provided, if you can't get it working you can place a ticket at your customer area sharing an access and we'll check your configuration

Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 28.04.2016 17:09

I'm almost there

Re: Date display 28.04.2016 19:19

Latest version fixes editor reset issue, please upgrade.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 29.04.2016 09:10

Great, it works

Re: Date display 02.05.2016 13:42


I installed a font characters on my site, but I can not use it in the listmanger text editor, I have to do it manually ...
One suggestion, assistance would be welcome !!
thank you in advance

Re: Date display 03.05.2016 11:59


In fact there is a way to add external fonts to editor. Add to cleditor (/JOOMLA/modules/mod_listmanager/helper.php, line 346), options to get fonts and include them in editor. You should add to cleditor function:



",italic,bold,bolditalic",fonts:"Cantarell,Arial Black,Comic Sans MS,Courier,New,Narrow,Garamond,Georgia,Impact,Sans Serif,Serif,Tahoma,Trebuchet MS,Verdana"});})

This will make the external font available for use.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 04.05.2016 10:10

Really thank you, you are very perfect !!

Re: Date display 11.05.2016 11:47


One suggestion, would it be possible to have a button in the text editor frontend that allows the download of a file from my PC in the form?

Ps: very nice extension; very well thought

Thank you

Re: Date display 12.05.2016 05:42


thanks for your feedback. Do you mean an option to 'upload' a file using the html editor, right? There are some joomla editors able to do that function, but some versions ago we switched to a default internal html editor because users found a lot of bugs using the joomla editors at the front-end (most of them don't work well inside popups, threw exceptions when more than one editor is used at the same form...) being problems that we couldn't solve as they belong to each editor code.
From latest version, we have added a new configuration parameter that allows to choose between List Manager editor and the Joomla one, with a specific warning that we only give support for the internal editor, if you want to give it a try you can select any editor able to upload files and check if it works well at the ListManager frontend.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Date display 17.05.2016 11:05

Thank you again, I'll test
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