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sort and search 23.01.2012 22:03


I've some features to suggest :

1) Usually then sorting, the header change so you can see witch colomn is ordered.

2) There's only one field. Using a field per colomn will allow to make "and", also select the colomn you want to search in.

3) When using Option List, the list shows the value instead of the name, and the search function uses the value too.

4) Do you have a French version ? Can I do it myself ?



Re: sort and search 24.01.2012 10:24

yes, it makes sense. About the options, if you don't want to see 'alias' for the values, you can also fill the values of the option list with same text as the name, so you will see and search for the same text you have as selections.
At this time we don't have a french version, but we use standard joomla language files, so a french translation can be done easily:

- Look for the files


(module and component view)




Rename them to the french version:


and translate the texts inside. So when Frech language is selected it will use your new files translated.

Hope this helps, and thank you very much for your feedback, we've just added your suggestions to the list of requests for next version.
Moonsoft Team
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