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Summary Records 15.05.2015 12:41

Can we have the ability to add summarized information to a filtered list?

For example:

A filtered list has 30 rows and fields for User, Year, Month and Type.
I would like to be able to get one total record per the applied filter set where I can get counts by Year, Month, and Type - one count per type field.

So if I had 3 records of Type 1 and 8 of type 2 and 6 of type 3, etc, - a perfect solution would be to get, at the bottom of the filtered set, a header row and a single summary row showing:

User Year, Month, Type1, Type2, Type3, TOTAL
Sam, 2015, Jan, 3, 8, 6, 17

Then have the standard export options for this pair of rows.

I like LM and find a need to do summarized reporting as shown above.

Is there any possibility to do something like this?

A second option would be to enable this to happen on PDF creation. Can I define something this in the PDF output? Currently I can have a single PDF output per list and this solution would require multiple PDF outputs.

Thanks for a great product - List Manager.

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Re: Summary Records 18.05.2015 08:59


Thank you for the feedback. This is not implemented in List Manager as it's a complex feature with dynamic fields and seems to be a report tool based on the list data.

In case we receive many other requests regarding this matter, we could think in begining such a big development.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Summary Records 29.05.2015 15:04

The addition of report functions would be a MAJOR plus should it be added to List Manager. In fact, it could be an additional product that would use the LM data as the source of the reporting.

Please give this some thought. I would gladly purchase such an add on. I was hoping that Calc Manager might provide such capabilities but wasn't able to figure out how to integrate the two products.


Re: Summary Records 01.06.2015 08:41

yes, in fact you can create any report tool using calcbuilder, but you would need an average knowledge of php to recover values from LM database, and also sql to build the proper querys. If you're interested, you can ask for a quote about a custom calculator service, so we'd build a calculator able to show your report, we'd only need the specs of the report you want to show and the calculator can be published then as a module on any page.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Summary Records 05.06.2015 02:31

there are other 3rd party reporting tools that can do this for just 10 bucks

Re: Summary Records 05.06.2015 08:59

for using a 3rd party reporting tool you will surely have to create database views that re-organize the list data exactly as the tool needs it, you will need an average/high knowledge of database querys/views creation. If this is your case, or the support of these tools is willing to create them for you for 10 bucks, then problem solved, you can use them as this is 'only' about reading data from a database :)

Anyway, thanks for sharing!
Moonsoft Team

Re: Summary Records 21.06.2018 23:47

I am interested in your suggestions of 3rd party tools.

Can you forward to me @

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