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File or Image Upload 01.12.2011 06:05

Hi Team,

Just a suggestion/request.

Would it be possible to add a field type to allow a file upload.
It would need to have a browse button to locate the file on your PC.
It would not have to have a preview of the file, just the ability to select and add to List Manager.

Thanks for such a great Joomla Extension (Well worth the Fee!)


Re: File or Image Upload 01.12.2011 09:44

thank you for the feedback. We've just released the new version of the extension, so you'll receive the upgrade in a few days. It includes a new type of field that displays your joomla html editor to enter the value, from which you can build the field content as if you were writting an article. You'll be able to upload and link images for sure, and (if your editor allows it), to upload more file of types.
We think with this feature we cover basic upload, but we'll wait for the comments as well.
Best regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: File or Image Upload 07.03.2014 18:03

While this approach works for including images, it does not give enough control over the size or shape of the image. Other tools use an actual image fieldtype with parameters to control what is uploaded, e.g.,
Allowable image filetypes:
Max. Image Filesize in Kilobytes:
Max. Image Height:
Max. Image Width:
Max. Thumbnail Height:
Max. Thumbnail Width:

It would be a great enhancement if you could implement something like that even without automatic scaling or thumbnail generation. Thoughts?

Thanks for the consideration.

Re: File or Image Upload 10.03.2014 08:51

thanks for your suggestion. Depending on the html editor you use, we think you can have available that type of configuration, type/size restriction, even automatic thumbnail, etc. The html editor is the only way we find to give freedom on how the upload is shown on the table afterwards, (like an html image, like a link to downloadable file...), so this is the reason why we profit on html editor capabilities to perform this task.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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