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Filter Module Cosmetic: Apply / Clear options at bottom? 13.04.2014 22:28

This might be a matter of preference where people are divided, or maybe 99% of users would agree....

The filter module currently has the Apply / Clear buttons above the filter options. Isn't more logical for them to be below? So from the user experience viewpoint, the user selects his filters, working down one by one, and then... has to go back to the top again to click 'Apply'.

I know it's nothing major but just a thought. To me, as a user, you select your filters, and then expect the last command to be the 'Go' rather than seeing it first at the top?

Thanks for considering!

Re: Filter Module Cosmetic: Apply / Clear options at bottom? 14.04.2014 10:51


This is the first suggestion about buttons position in filter module. If we receive more user suggestions about this, maybe we´ll include backend configuration to choose buttons position.

Thanks. Regards,
Moonsoft Team
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