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Moonsoft Tester 11.12.2012 11:15

I have just purchased List Manager. I'm running a Joomla 2.5.8. Before installing the component I installed and published in a position at the home page the module Moonsoft Tester. However, the page displays for a second and then goes blank, going into a state that seems to be loading endlessly.
Before I install Lm, could someone help me in this issue?

Re: Moonsoft Tester 12.12.2012 09:59

already checked the page, seems to be any issue when handling ajax calls (being redirected to blank). As soon as the origin is located (maybe some conflicting plugin), we'll post it here in case it may help others as well.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Moonsoft Tester 17.12.2012 13:04

I had to unpublish the Autson Slideshow module and things work now. I tried all possible configuration combinations within this module, but could could not make the homepage display until I unpublished the module.
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