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Upgrade Listmanager 1.1.1. 02.12.2012 15:28

Hello. How do I upgrade ListManager from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. without losing all my data?. I have found only the full download. Thankx

Re: Upgrade Listmanager 1.1.1. 03.12.2012 09:19

you can export your table data as csv, and import again once you have reinstalled new version and created your list structure.

If you are able to launch a couple of querys to your database, then you can also upgrade manually following these instructions:

1. Edit this file:


deleting all lines to empty the file.

2.uninstall and reinstall again .

3.execute this script at the database:

ALTER TABLE `#__listmanager_listing` ADD COLUMN `detail` LONGTEXT,
ADD COLUMN `scriptjs` LONGTEXT AFTER `detail`;

(where #_ is your database prefix)

With this second method you will keep your data and also your list/views configuration. We suggest that you previously export your data anyway, to keep a backup just in case.

Hope this helps

Moonsoft Team

Re: Upgrade Listmanager 1.1.1. 26.02.2013 20:11

I Uninstalled component, module, plugin. I get an error when trying to install module 1.1.1 "another module is already using directory /mod_listmanager". This module no longer shows up in the Extension Manager. Do I need to delete the Modules I made?

Note; when I uninstalled the component, the module also disappeared from Extension Manager, it is probably not really un-installed. Is there a way to recover?

Edited by moon_682 - 26.02.2013 20:26

Re: Upgrade Listmanager 1.1.1. 27.02.2013 09:11

if you uninstalled and the module dissapeared from extensions manager, but it says the folder is still being used, then the uninstaller found any problem to delete the folder. Maybe the module folder was write-protected, or it emptied its contents but the folder is still there. To complete uninstalling proccess so you can reinstall again, you can manually delete the folder. You will find it here:


This folder must not be present when trying to install module.

Please try it out and let us know if you receive any other error message when reinstalling.

Edit:: Sorry, but we just noticed you said the module dissapeared when uninstalling the component? That's a weird thing, joomla handles those parts as completely separated extensions, so it's very unlikely the module can be affected. Before manually removing the folder, please double-check in detail your modules, maybe you filtered or skipped the module instance?

Best regards

Edited by MSTeam - 27.02.2013 09:18
Moonsoft Team
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