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Load data from database tables 11.08.2012 15:28


how can I load data from database tables into lists?

Best wishes,

Re: Load data from database tables 11.08.2012 18:11

in order to load data you could.export your records to an excel file and save it with csv format. Then you could use csv import option at LM to load them all.
If you are looking to use a database table data as options to choose from at your list, then you can use option list field type, and then use sql option to write a valid query to the database. The two first fields of the result will be used as identifier and text for each option.
Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Load data from database tables 11.08.2012 19:31

Thanks for your fast response!

It would be nice to have the possibility to import the data directly (through sql statements) into a list.

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Re: Load data from database tables 12.08.2012 07:44

yes, it could be an interesting feature. We've added it to the list of requests for next version of the extension.
Thank you, regards
Moonsoft Team
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