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Display formatting issue, date wrapping 03.07.2012 18:29


We have a date column on our website which is wrapping, making an unpleasant looking display:

Is there any way this can be fixed, or, to hard code a width into just this one field?

Thank you in advance,


Re: Display formatting issue, date wrapping 03.07.2012 21:32

yes, the '-' sign is indicating your browser the cell can be wrapped at that point. You can try to fix the with of the date column changing the file


looking for the createTableData function, and before this line (about line 588, depending on your joomla version):


hard code the td width, this way:


Hope this helps,

--Sorry, the forum strips code due to security reasons, the first line should be

if(arrCabeceras/?php echo $seed;?\[i]['type']=='1'){


but changing / and \ for lower than and greater than symbols. If you can't get it work, please place a ticket at helpdesk, in order we can exchange files and code. Thank you

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