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Import from CSV 06.03.2021 18:03

I am transferring an old Excel spreadsheet to List Manager. I created the fields and set the CSV up to have the exact same structure. However, the expected CSV structure shows two semi-colons, and I do not know where that extra one is coming from:
SMU;;Name;Email;TelOffice;Mobile;MS License Code;
The import is thus failing.
Any ideas?

Re: Import from CSV 06.03.2021 19:00

Thank you, I found the error. There was an extra field without a name that I did not see. I deleted and it now imports.

Re: Import from CSV 08.03.2021 09:31

right, that's it. All fields will be applied for the csv template, even the ones that don't have a name (so they will show empty text). Thank you very much for sharing.

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Moonsoft Team
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