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Number fields in Edit record pop-up 12.08.2017 01:51

Hi - The form I have created as several number fields. None of them are required. In the form I can submit without any entries for these number fields which is expected. However in the list view the user can select to edit their own records. From this pop-up these number fields give the user this error if they are still empty:

Please enter a number with 0 decimal(s)

The user should be able to save any changes and still have these empty. How do I fix this issue?

Thank You

Re: Number fields in Edit record pop-up 12.08.2017 10:32


This is not an issue, it's a validation. Please check in your fields if any is set as required and if type is number, as it seems, also number validations.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Number fields in Edit record pop-up 12.08.2017 20:38

Hi - I checked all my fields and all of them are set to "No" for a required field. Is there somewhere else that I should be looking for this?

Re: Number fields in Edit record pop-up 13.08.2017 10:25


We couldn't reproduce here your issue. Please place a private ticket in helpdesk sharing url and credentials to access to your site and we'll take a look.

Moonsoft Team
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