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Send email don't work 29.04.2016 22:07

I have two issue about sending email from my list.
The first one is that the field for put in the email adress is very short, I can only see tree punctuations
The second is that every email I used I get the messages: Invalid address.
I don't see where i can change settings for email or more space for the input field.
Any idea?

Re: Send email don't work 02.05.2016 09:11

the text field doesn't have any specific look included at the list manager, if you get a strange width can be due to any style inherited from your template or from any other stylesheet present at the page. If you place a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an url we can take a look and let you know which is the style affecting and how to correct.
Regarding the invalid address, all settings are recovered from your joomla configuration, we'd need to reproduce here, please share which is your joomla version and we'll do some testing.

Moonsoft Team
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