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French translation 25.01.2016 16:16


I want to know if there is a French translation list manager.
If not, what files need to be modified for this operation.

Sorry for my english, but google reflecting

Thank you, regards

Re: French translation 25.01.2016 17:13

you may find a French translation at your customer area 'view previous releases', but if it belongs to very old version you will find some terms missing. If you want to create your own language files, here are the instructions to create a new translation ,only replacing es-ES for Spanish for your own language code fr-FR

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 26.01.2016 09:29


Thank you , I start to work.

I have two other questions:
1 - How definier size pop-up that opens here

2 - How to provide the ability to print the contents of that pop-up ?


Re: French translation 26.01.2016 12:29


1 - You can define the size of the inner content in 'Detail layout'. Add a div containin all your HTML and set width as style property.

2 - This can be set as option in menu/module config: List Manager View Options=>Show Print on detail

Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 27.01.2016 09:05


I set to Work, again.


Re: French translation 03.02.2016 13:57


Me again ,

I made a French translation, the administrator side, but I can not find the files to edit to translate this page( "Filter" - "Show filter" "Aplly ..." who are buttons, a track ?

thank a lot

Re: French translation 03.02.2016 15:42

those texts are located at the front end files,


en-GB.com_listmanager.ini (if you're publishing your list as as component)
en-GB.mod_listmanager.ini (if you're publishing your list as as module)

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 03.02.2016 16:33

Thanks, i found

Re: French translation 11.02.2016 13:29


I solved with your help, my problem of translation, now I have this page unconserved displaying two buttons: Cancel and Save.

How do I do, so they are not visible?

Thank you

Re: French translation 11.02.2016 13:41

those buttons seem to be the ones belonging to the input form. As you have configured your list as readonly so the input form is not visible, you can try to hide the toolbar with this setting:

Configuration->Front view config->Show Form in modal box?=YES

Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 15.02.2016 11:47


Thank you for your speed, I did what you were advocating.
But my problem is the same.
I enabled in Joomla, "rewriting the flight urls," and that the two buttons are present and when a print attempt the contents of a recording, the recording is displayed full screen.

If I disable "rewriting the theft of ursl", only the contents of the recording will appear when printed ..

big concern

Re: French translation 15.02.2016 11:48

Re: French translation 15.02.2016 13:31

sorry but we'ver not understood which is exactly the issue. We've visited your site, and we can see the records (now without the form buttons, which is ok). Then we select the 'view record', the popup is also ok, and when pressed 'print' the printed content is the record content, which is the function expected. Could you please provide more details about the exact problem you have with this configuration?

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 15.02.2016 14:45

At the present, we have this :


And this, after a print :


We would like to have this :


It means the same, without the two buttons: Annuler (Cancel) and Sauvegarder (Save).

We tried :
Configuration->Front view config->Show Form in modal box?=YES & NON,
But nothing change.

Would'it be possible to send you the images (or a .doc or .pdf) by e-mail et recieve your answer at this adress :


Re: French translation 15.02.2016 19:02


Ok, looking at your page seems like you have published at the same page another module with the input form. This is not needed when the list is at the same page. Please try to disable the module 'List Manager form', and try again the page. If you can't get it working and you want to share either docs or images or an acces to your site, you can create a private ticket at your helpdesk.

Moonsoft Team

Re: French translation 17.02.2016 14:02


I just send un ticket


Re: French translation 14.03.2016 14:45


Always the same problem...

No list is published, but link
displays a table.
If I publish a list, I have two displays, the list and the empty table.

Help me.


Re: French translation 14.03.2016 14:52


Re: French translation 14.03.2016 15:37

it seems that the problem is resolved, if not the top line and the white space above

string(128) "select distinct(v.idrecord) from #__listmanager_field f left join #__listmanager_values v on where f.idlisting=1"

Re: French translation 14.03.2016 16:58

that log line you can see at the bottom was incorrectly added to an older version, but if you download latest version 2.1.12 and upgrade you shouldn't see any info message there. Not sure what do you mean with the top line and white space, you can share an access using a private ticket of the helpdesk if you have further issues after the upgrade.

Moonsoft Team
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