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Exporting to PDF 11.12.2015 10:40


I have a list with a non visible field. I've set the properties of that field as following:

1. Exportable: Yes
2. Include in Search: Yes
3. Visible: No

Is it possible to have this field exported into PDF/Excel files although it's not set as Visible? (at the moment, I don't see it in the PDF/Excel exported file).


Re: Exporting to PDF 11.12.2015 13:52

you could set the field marked as 'visible', to force the pdf output to show that field, and then hide it from the frontend view using the column style. Each column has a default style


so you could add a css hiding your column


Please let us know if you need further help with this.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Exporting to PDF 15.12.2015 15:43

1. Is this still valid in case I have more than 1 list? How could I identify lm_column_0 from one list or another? (let's say I want to hide column 0 - List 1 and column 1 - List 2 from the PDF export)

2. Another issue: is it possible to have a field in the list getting a predefined value? (I've set the default value of an HTML Type Field but when adding a new record to the list, I see that field empty).


PS: I've just realised that I don't see the HTML Editor in the form view (in the Front end). I still see the HTML Editor in the Edit record mode though ...

The second issue could be related to this as I was setting as default value an HTML code line (a link). Is it possible to insert, through an input form (in the front-end view), HTML code in an HTML Type Field (a link for es.)?

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Re: Exporting to PDF 15.12.2015 18:44


1. You can identify each list, publishing as module and enclosing each one on divs with different id or class, so you can identify easily on css.

2. We are not sure about issue. You can add html code on HTML field on frontend.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Exporting to PDF 15.12.2015 19:47

1. As I have already published the lists as menus, is it possible to identify them by using the "Module Class Suffix" property?

2. Regarding the HTML problem ... I have 3 input forms but in none of them the HTML editor shows up in the front-end, although I have different HTML Editor field types included.
Somehow, the "cleditor" class is not working as it should (I don't see the jquery.cleditor.css reference using Firebug's inspector tool. Instead I see that css reference when I try to Edit a record of that list in the front end). Also, changing the theme of the form has no effect.

I've noted that when editing a record, I have this in the source of the page:
/sharepoint/modules/mod_listmanager/assets/css/jquery.cleditor.css" type="text/css" media="screen"

I don't have this line in the source of the form input page. How could I have that css file loaded even in the Form Input page?

I'm using a modified List Manager v2.2.5 that was sent to me by email by the support staff.

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Re: Exporting to PDF 16.12.2015 15:33

Installed v2.2.6 that solved other small issues but this one ...

Editing a record in the front-end/back-end correctly shows the editor for every HTML Editor Type Field. In the input forms (front-end) the editor is not displayed (the source code of the page doesn't show any reference to the jquery.cleditor.css file) thus it's not possible to insert HTML text.

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Re: Exporting to PDF 16.12.2015 18:21


You're right, there was a missing file css in this layout. Please download latest version and upgrade your component.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Exporting to PDF 16.12.2015 22:07

Great support!!!! Everything works now!
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