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Menu Access to List 18.09.2015 20:19

I have been trying to use the Joomla menu system to open a list for entry and it does open the list. However if I click the 'Cancel' button the form remains on the screen. Shouldn't it close the page? And the 'Save' button behaves the same way - it shows the new data but remains on the screen.

What am I missing?


Re: Menu Access to List 18.09.2015 21:27

we are not sure if you're using the default input form which displays together with the list when 'add' button is clicked, or if you are using input form module in any way. When the add button is clicked the input form displays, and either with 'save' or 'cancel' the form hides automatically. If this is not the behaviour at your page, you may be facing a css or js conflict with any other part (extension or plugin), or with the template itself. If you can share here or at a private ticket at the helpdesk the url where the list is published we can take a look and debug at your page so we can tell you which could be the origin of the issue.

Moonsoft Team
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