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Listmanger isn´t live 15.06.2015 11:05

Hallo. We bought the list manager. So we install the list manager and connect it with the menü. But in the frontend the listmanger could not found. WHY????

Re: Listmanger isn´t live 15.06.2015 11:06

We always become a 404 page not found

Re: Listmanger isn´t live 15.06.2015 15:54

404 seems like a redirection problem at your site, not able to find the component proper url (or redirecting to somewhere else). Please double check if you have any redirection plugin/component that may be causing the issue. If you can't find the origin of the problem, please place a private ticket at the helpdesk, where you can share your site url, we'll take a look and let you know how to fix.

Moonsoft Team
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