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Main menu item display 17.07.2014 10:24

just installed the component !
Just what I needed ! Intuitive, complete, perfect !!
However, I have a little problem with the header main display, wuth the search and navigation toolbar

All the buttons are not aligned on the same line !
I think it's because of the width of the content area of my Template but that doesn't look very nice.

How can I reduce the spaces between the different Tools to get them aligned on a less than 850px width !
I found it's in mod_listmanager/tmpl/tools.php file but nothing I tried works : I just need to reduce spaces between the different Tools.

A link to a sample :
(in which I'd lke to reduce the space between the search button and the "show" N° items AND align the lines)

If anyone has an idea !?

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Re: Main menu item display 17.07.2014 11:38

seems you have style classes being inherited from your template which are adding some unwanted spaces. If you remove margin top =5

from your template css (line 3748)

located at

you should see all sections aligned to the top.

You can also remove extra paddings from lm css:


(line 107)

padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px;

In order to expand elements inside the space available.

Also noticed the order arrows not aligned, this can be solved removing

padding-bottom: 12px;

and setting

top: 20px;

lm_header_toolbar_wrapper class, located at

joomla\modules\mod_listmanager\assets\css\default2.css (line 647)
Hope this helps,regards

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Moonsoft Team

Re: Main menu item display 17.07.2014 21:42

Great !! Very effective support !!
Works fine, thanx !!
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