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memory overload 30.11.2011 10:05


I just bought your extension cause I need a simple directory listing for a spareparts catalog.

Now I have created a spareparts listing with five fields.

We have about 5000 spareparts, so this results in 25000 records in the listmanager vlues table.

(imported it with CSV, that worked although it took a while)

now i cannot open the data in my list, I get a memory allocation error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted

How can I get this working?

The data list shouldn't try to pick up every record at once, should it?

kind regards,


Re: memory overload 30.11.2011 11:00

it seems you have reached the limit on one of your server variables,you can try to solve it increasing the limit on the screen you're getting that error, don't know if it's at back or front-end, module or component view, so here you have all the paths, you can edit the file and add this line:


at the top section of the code, inside the first php section

For back-end:

For front-end (component view):

For front-end (moduleview):

Hope this helps, best regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: memory overload 03.12.2011 10:37


tahnks for your help.

it was in the backend, when I open ListManager and press the data button from my listing.

So I added the line ytou suggested in admindata.php

but I still got an error.

it says this file:

/libraries/joomla/database/database/mysql.php on line 416

isthere anything else I can try?

kind regards,


Re: memory overload 03.12.2011 10:57

that file is a joomla core library, is not part of the list manager extension, very strange to throw an error there. If you could create a temporary access for us to your backend, we could login and give it a look. Please send it to and we'll try to help.

Best regards,
Moonsoft Team

Edited by MSTeam - 03.12.2011 19:18
Moonsoft Team
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