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Display List only for certain category 03.04.2014 10:53


I have a list to display staff directory. And I have menu to display all my staf..

How can I display only for certain division to show-up? For example when i'm in ICT page, the module only show's ICT's staf.. And so on...


Re: Display List only for certain category 03.04.2014 11:01

you can create sub-sets of your data using the 'view' feature. You can create several views of the main table, each one with certain filters applied,for ex:
view1= list where field category=1
view2= list where field category=2

and then you can link your menu pages to the proper view, where you will access filtered data according to configured conditions.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Display List only for certain category 04.04.2014 03:51


Thanks, it works...

1 more question, continue to above question.. can i make different type of show type for every filtered view?

example :-

1) I have menu that LM display all my staf directory in List Table show type
2) other menu that LM display the filtered list view (exp: ICT directory) in Card / shop show type


Re: Display List only for certain category 04.04.2014 09:14


This is not possible, 'Show type' is a list configuration and applies to list and views of this list. So List and its views show using list 'show type'.

Moonsoft Team
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