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Internal name 25.11.2013 14:43

Via the front-end, i want to edit a list in a form layout.
When I click on the button edit, I have a list of the name aand the tags of my fields but not the data
Example :
Matricule salarié ##matricule_salarie##
Code nature heure ##Code nature heure##
Date début absence ##Date début absence##

An other question, what is the column Internal Name ? If I type a name, it is not saved.

Joomla 2.5.16
Listmanager 1.2.15

Re: Internal name 25.11.2013 18:33

in fact your issue seems related to the internal name. The field name is the one the table shows for the column headers, while the internal name is the 'alias' used to print the form layout. So you can have a field with
Name = A complex name with spaces
Internal name= complexalias

so at the form layout you would add ##complexalias## to have the proper input field showing. If the text inside ## ## doesn't match any of the internal names is not replaced and it shows unchanged. The internal name is automatically generated if it's not typed, removing accents, and replacing spaces with _

Please double check your input layout is adding the internal names inside ## and not the real column names, and if you're unable to save them, please place a ticket at the helpdesk sharing an access and we'll take a look.

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Internal name 26.11.2013 10:58

I type complexalias in the form layout

Matricule salarié

Code nature heure

Date début absence

Date fin absence

When I type the internalname and i save, the field stay empty.
Where can I send you informations for the parameters of the connexion ?

Re: Internal name 26.11.2013 12:39

Ok, then we'll take a look directly at your backend. Please open a ticket at the helpdesk, from your customer area, and share your credentials there, we'll debug at your backend to ckeck why this is not working at your site.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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