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several problems with the new version 24.09.2013 18:26


Today my client called to tell me that his website did not display one of its list properly, i.e the list was truncated to 4 lines although it counted twenty-some records.

So I checked, found the records evaporated (probably my client mistake but I can't say for sure), and decided to reinstall a recent backup... but before that I exported the other lists in CSV to be sure I won't lose any records my clients had created since the backup.
After that, things went haywire :
- No lists are displayed anymore (loading, and nothing)
- When I check the records in the backend, some of the colums are empty (multiple value fields and option lists) but the value do appear if I export the lists inCSV.
- Values in Multi-value types get repeated
- When I export in CSV I can hardly use the resulting tables : I have HTML fields that get some data with ";" (usually blanks  ) that mess my resulting tables up.
- But in interestingly, I can create records from the front-end which get displayed but only if I search for them (If I search for other records I get nothing)

You can check the site here (the list is at the bottom) :
You can type 'test' in the search box to see the record I entered in front end.
I already tried to disable my other jQuery scripts but to no avail.

I can give you backend access, just mail me.

Pascal Conil-lacoste

Edited by moon_1262 - 24.09.2013 18:29

Re: several problems with the new version 25.09.2013 10:39


It seems some records are not ok (maybe CSV file). Please post a ticket in helpdesk at Customer Area with backend access and CSV file to import, and we´ll take a look.

Moonsoft Team
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