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Instructions to create custom style? 21.10.2011 14:17

Do you perhaps have a document available on how to use the stylesheet opton?
as I want to do basic formatting etc.

Re: Instructions to create custom style? 21.10.2011 14:18

we don't have an specific doc for styling, but you only have to follow
these steps to make your own:

- Locate some of the examples provided, at the module folder assets/css,
for example _blue.css
- Copy it and rename as you want, for ex: _new.css
- Edit your css and replace all appearances of _blue for _new (same name
of your style).
- Change the styles as needed. You can find style classes for message,
form, and tablelist sections.
- At module parameters, write as css suffix the name of your suffix
(_new). That will overload default styles with your own.

Hope this helps.
Moonsoft Team
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