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Search Engine indexing 12.03.2013 01:58

Is a ListManger list in a Joomla article indexed by search engines such as Google?

Re: Search Engine indexing 12.03.2013 12:52

the static content should be indexed, but not so sure about the inner content inside the list, because its dynamically loaded through ajax calls everytime an action is performed.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Search Engine indexing 24.12.2013 18:58

I see in the user guide that the List can be set to "searchable" by the Joomla search plug-in. Does this also work with the Joomla "Smartsearch" plug-in?

Re: Search Engine indexing 26.12.2013 10:59


No, List Manager search plugin doesn´t use "Smart search". "Smart search" needs to regenerate its cache everytime data in list change, so may slow down normal operations.

Moonsoft Team
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