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Date setup 10.02.2013 11:33

Hi, im using ListManager 0.03 and i would like to show the data as d%m%Y% is it possible? And is it possible to show data ordered by date (recent first)?


Re: Date setup 11.02.2013 10:01

with version 0.0.3 of List Manager you have limited options, we can point you some tweaks to make the changes, but we're afraid you can't apply of all them at the same time, here the options:

- to configure a default order: you can use the 'order' parameter to order the front-view by default. Place there the name of the column you want the order to be applied to. This order is ascending, so if you want a descending view, you also have to modify the front-end view:



and search for this section


orderForColumn[?php echo $seed;?](idorder,colorder);

(replace brackets for the proper less than and greater than symbols, you just have to duplicate the line and and the {} signs to get this:)


orderForColumn[?php echo $seed;?](idorder,colorder);
orderForColumn[?php echo $seed;?](idorder,colorder);


This way you will have ascending order.

- Date format:

Date format is defined when creating calendar objects, so you should search for this block:


and modify the ifFormat parameter (for your case, the line would be as follows:)


For the front end
And for the backend


But as you're changing the default format, this change is incompatible with the change to configure order.

Hope this helps, best regards

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date setup 12.02.2013 17:51

Hi considering that both tweaks are incopatibles, i prefer now the right order...
But it isnt so clear how to do it.

May I send you the file content.php and so you can edit it?


Re: Date setup 12.02.2013 18:11

in order to have the descending order, just follow this steps:

- Go to your component/module configuration and write the name of your date column at the parameter 'Order'.
- Edit


search for this section (about line 415)



just copy and paste the orderForColum line, we want to duplicate it. And add open and close keys symbols { } surrounding the two lines, this is the result:




This should do the work.


Edited by MSTeam - 12.02.2013 18:16
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date setup 12.02.2013 20:05

Now I have understood,

I applied your tweak but it works with the module loaded in the content:

not with the main component:

For me is good as result but the page has not a good aspect.

Im sorry for boring you... I hope to move the website to joomla 2.5 soon, but now I have to do all the best with this version.

Thanks a Lot

Re: Date setup 12.02.2013 20:20

right, if you finally upgrade to joomla 2.5, the LM version includes both date format and more advanced ordering functions. In the meantime, we can see at your first example that the 'order' parameter has the right value:


so the order is properly applied.

But on the second page we find that parameter comes empty to the page, so no ordering is done. Could you please double-check that you have entered 'Pubblicazione' value at the 'order' parameter of the component?

Thank you, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date setup 12.02.2013 22:19

Sorry again, but i don't find the value order in the component.

When i Open the component i can modify 4 things:

1-edit list fields
2-manage data
3-configure access control
4-export data

In the module was easy to modify..

Thanks for patience

Re: Date setup 13.02.2013 09:08

the component parameters are the same than the module ones. You will find them editing your menu item (at your joomla menu, not at the LM backend). It's the same parameter section you used to select which list should be published at that menu entry.
Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Date setup 13.02.2013 17:40

I found It,

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