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Fatal error when creating a new list 03.01.2013 22:57

I just installed List Manager and am in the admin area, about to create my first list. I clicked the "new" button and got a mostly blank page with the error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay() in /data/24/2/155/9/2318987/user/2546929/htdocs/rev/libraries/joomla/html/editor.php on line 459

Suggestions? I know I did turn off a few plugins earlier today, but thought I had all of the standard ones turned back on. I do not know if a disabled plugin is the issue, but thought someone here with more experience would be able to look at the error and help me out.


Re: Fatal error when creating a new list 04.01.2013 10:12

your error message seems to be related to any plugin activated for your html editor. We've found some information here:

Before making any code changes, we suggest to come back to your editor standard configuration, maybe with the default joomla editor and no plugins enabled for it. Try to use the editor inside a default joomla article and once you can confirm it works as expected, try to access the list configuration. One of the first fields to fill for the list header is an html editor, so if the editor is throwing that error message the screen can't be shown.

Let us know if we can be of more help.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Fatal error when creating a new list 04.01.2013 10:43

Still more information about your issue. A third party plugin for editor seems the origin of that error message:
Moonsoft Team

Re: Fatal error when creating a new list 07.01.2013 21:01

Thank you SO much for your assistance with this. I finally found the offending plugin...reinstalled it and all seems well again. Sorry to bug you with something that had nothing to do with you, but I didn't get the error until after I installed your plugin.

I can't wait till the day when I don't find Joomla work so exhausting!


Re: Fatal error when creating a new list 08.01.2013 09:20

You're welcome, glad it finally worked.
Moonsoft Team
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