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List Manager support
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Respuestas Topic
1 No list manager options in Modules
Posted 06.06.2023 14:02 por JulieKay
3 List manager upodate doesn work
Posted 25.05.2023 20:56 por balou210961
1 Details not shown and Items in Data Layout are "undefined"
Posted 12.04.2023 18:04 por steamjoe2
1 Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
Posted 06.02.2023 16:02 por phil64
5 SQL-Statement WHERE
Posted 17.01.2023 12:31 por tischerberlin3
7 Detail view for data from MySQL query
Posted 16.01.2023 01:11 por calmdevil
1 Error displaying a list
Posted 30.12.2022 23:55 por tischerberlin3
1 List Manager 4.2.2 and tables with many columns: how to let the table scroll to the right without wrapping?
Posted 02.12.2022 16:11 por Krautix
1 Front End List Error after deleting records in a List
Posted 20.11.2022 04:59 por ki0kk
1 error manage data
Posted 22.10.2022 11:27 por berenger
1 Transfer lists from joomla 3 to joomla 4
Posted 20.06.2022 13:26 por phil64
4 Multiple option issue in LM 4.1.17
Posted 26.05.2022 12:23 por aliwari
5 Having some issues in List Manager Version 4.1.15 Joomla Version 4.x
Posted 24.04.2022 19:06 por aliwari
1 Other than default joomla template and LM Table
Posted 26.05.2022 12:42 por aliwari
3 URL of the link to other list and Menu
Posted 24.04.2022 19:17 por aliwari
5 I need help on joining tables value, please
Posted 19.04.2022 14:54 por aliwari
2 List option in LM4.1.14
Posted 28.03.2022 20:36 por aliwari
1 Bulk update problem in LM4.1.14
Posted 28.03.2022 20:15 por aliwari
2 What code I should use to Custom Validation in the column to check if the entered data is already exist in the database table or not?
Posted 24.03.2022 13:48 por aliwari
2 Problem with Table/List Configuration
Posted 21.03.2022 14:53 por aliwari
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