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Comments 18.10.2011 14:23

I also decided to write you short feedback regarding your component "calcbuilder". Maybe it will help you to improve it and even get more customers.

The component is working as it is supposed and it is good and solid, but there are some things to improve:

When I want to build one complex calculator I have limitations displaying the results of the calculations. I need more control over the way results are displayed, I need more flexibility - not just one predefined table. I want to put some text and numbers and text again in the results. I haven't figured out the way to do that. Just one table.

The way to solve this problem - create more than one output matrix. If i had a chance to create more than one output matrix i'll be able to put one table with its structure in one matrix, and my text in another. So i will be great if you add ability to create more than one output matrix;ability to sort and copy matrixes;

Other things that will be good for the component:

Ability to change the excel and pdf text in the controls of the component. I mean the text that is written in the header or footer of the excel and pdf file. When i'm building a calculator i want to write my website name or some additional text for my customers there. Of course i can do it manually but it would be nice if i could do it from component.

Description of calculator that is hidden under the (I) button in the front end is not really useful. It would be much better if you had link to the popup browser window without controls with all that information.

Text field in the form creator - not o form text field but the field of random text to put inside the form. Sometimes i wish i could write some comments for my users between the lines of the form.

When i wanted to add mortgage calculator to my site i went to Joomla Extensions and found lots of calculators that could do the work. Although your component provides more functions than all the calcutlators on JED, it will not fit for the users who need complete and simple solution. Using your component they need to do extra work to build calculators, they need to have php knowledge and they rather buy special "mortgage calculator" module for the same amount of money and have it on their site in 5 minutes. If you create and add to your component some widely spread calculators, such as mortgage calculator and loan calculator, it will give more pluses to your component and help you to outrun your competitors.

Maybe you will consider my notes in your future works.. or maybe not =)
Anyway thanks for the great component.

Re: Comments 18.10.2011 14:24

Thank you very much for all your suggestions. We add them to our suggestions list for new version of Calc Builder. Sure they wil be very helpful in order to build next release with enhanced features.
Moonsoft Team
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