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Common Variables with scv import possibility 23.12.2011 11:13

Hi everyone,
I have just started with calcbuilder plugin and I found it really nice component even for such a php looser as I am :)

However, my customer turned out to be very specific in their request. One of the requirments is the possiblity to easily update values in the couple of calcs I'm preparing for them - mostly prices of multiple items. The calculation is rather complicated and needs many dynamic variables aside of the fixed prices and further more - many of the values are shared among multiple calcs too.

So there comes one little suggestion of mine:

It would be very nice if there was the possibility to set up some "global" variables shared between the calcs. Possibly another list next to "Calculators" in admin inteface where the shared variables and it's values would be stored. And if there was the possiblity to import them via csv format too, everything would be just splendid and my customer (and hopefully the customers of other calc users too) had a very comfortable way to update all values such as prices which are to be updated at least monthly :) And, if the values were multiple types (text, field, string etc.) it would make my life so much easier too!

Please, would you mind to consider adding such functionality? Or did I missed something while study the quick guide?

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks!

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Re: Common Variables with scv import possibility 23.12.2011 11:29

thank you very much for your feedback. We'll consider the possibility of adding 'global' matrix in order to share data among calculators, but thinking about your request, we've found you have a workaround to get it working with the actual state. You can do the following:

- Create a new table at database with all the fields and data needed.
- At your calculator code, instead of using variables or matrix data, insert a query to your database and get the values. The same lines would be valid for all your calculators created, so this way you get the shared data.
- To allow administrator updates of the table, you can use some other extension to access it, or even create a 'private' calculator that request data and at the php code executes an update to the table instead a query.

All valid php code written at the calculator is supposed to work, and some customers confirmed they can access the database from the code, so this may help you to work as you need.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: Common Variables with scv import possibility 23.12.2011 12:44

Thanks for an ultra fast response!

Reagarding to the workaround, I was just thinking about the same solution. There would be even a possibility to creat custom pph page accessable via Joomla Wraper menu item which would just list all the actual values and allowed the user to upldate them at once and save it then. Nonetheless, I'm afraid it's out of my reach, I'm not capable of such advanced php conding, even the simple calculations in calc code is real challange for me... Hopefully I will find somebody to help me with to write such a custom "db update page" with csv import.

Still I hope you might consider the "shared" variables be useful enhancement ;)

Mery Christmass and Happy New Year to everyone!

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Re: Common Variables with scv import possibility 23.12.2011 16:07

Just looking at your List Manager and it really does fit the requirements for maintaining the actual data of prices, formats etc. So, have you ever planned to bring a kind of bridge between both components? Using variables from ListMan in CalcBuild for calculations?

Or, could you, please, help me with setting up the php in the calculation code to pick up relevant values from ListMan db table? If yes, it would perfectly solve my problem and I'll be happy to support you with another money :)

Re: Common Variables with scv import possibility 23.12.2011 16:58

we can help you with the code, or even develop custom parts for your proyect. In fact, we have a custom calculator service and send the calculator ready to import. We suggest to send us an email with your calculator specs, so we can think about the better way to get listManager table data and use it at the calculator. Then you could copy that part of the code to other calculators as well.
This way we could confirm what are you trying to get can be achived with list manager and send you the quote for what is needed.

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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