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Table Manager no tables shown? 30.12.2018 10:38

I bought table manager to search for specific words in the tables of my joomla site, to edit them easily, but if I open the manager, there is absolutely no table shown and not the possibility to search in the tables (see, as promises on the product site ... So what must I do to find specific content in my tables?


Re: Table Manager no tables shown? 30.12.2018 13:40

right, if you haven't configured anything at the backend yet then you should see an empty list of tables. In order to launch a search for a table you need to:

- Click 'new' at that same screen
- Give it a name and choose the table you want to manage
- At the configuration you can choose which fields will be visible, if you want to show the search and/or the pagination toolbar, the theme...etc
- Publish it (or manage it from the backend)

They are the same steps shown at the main tutorial:

at that page you will find links for more detailed instructions on each one. Please let us know if you need further help.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Table Manager no tables shown? 30.12.2018 17:00

Are you serious? If I would know the table I would not need this tool! How should I know the table, I want to search for words in all tables.

C. Jirik

Re: Table Manager no tables shown? 30.12.2018 17:26

Of course! We're always serious! :) How is the tool supposed to launch any query to your database if you don't specify the table to look into? This is an extension for managing tables, for publishing them at the front end, you need to choose which ones (among other options). We really don't know which kind of 'result' or user interface would you expect launching such a process, sorry. That would require a specific coding, able to traverse all your tables and build any kind of output with it, but it would never be a table with the options available here, so we guess you should go for any custom coding extension instead of using a table manager. Once you locate the tables to be managed, then you can use all the options explained. We already sent you the links with full documentation but please feel free to ask if you need further help.

Moonsoft Team
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