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Front End Behavior Problems 24.05.2018 21:20

I'm having a problem where if I click on the edit button for a particular field in a data row, the pop-up to change the value doesn't appear until I mouse over the main menu.

These pop-ups appear to have a couple of different themes overlaid on them (I see multiple checkboxes and X's)

I'm also finding that whatever value I select for the front end theme is ignored.

Lastly, I can't get the "Combo from SQL" option to work. No matter what I put in there, both the field displayed value and the field current value come up blank. For example, for a simple "status" field that can have the values 'A' or 'I', I put in the sql "select 'A' as `status` union select 'I'"

I'm using Joomla version 3.8.8, PHP version 7.1.17, and MySQL version 5.6.39.

Any suggestions for how to fix these problems?

Re: Front End Behavior Problems 24.05.2018 21:59

Some updates on this problem:

I figured out the combo box problem - the tutorial is incorrect. You need to select two columns in order for this to work. In my example, I changed the sql statement to select 'A','A' union select 'I','I'. Please update the tutorial, as this will save people a lot of time.

The pop-up not appearing until I mouse over the main menu appears to be a problem specific to the Safari browser on the Mac. Firefox and Chrome browsers work correctly.

I'm still seeing multiple themes and overlaid images on the pop-ups on all browsers though.

Re: Front End Behavior Problems 25.05.2018 09:35

right, the combobox uses a couple of values, one for the 'key' and another one for the 'label' of the option, but it was not that way on previous versions, so there may be any old text with incorrect instructions we forgot, thanks for sharing. Could you please point out on which tutorial is that text? We'll correct asap.

Regarding the view, that behaviour can suggest any kind of conflict between the table theme and your template styles and/or scripts. We'd need to check the page in order to debug and let you know how to fix. Please place a new ticket at the helpdesk where you can share privately your url and we'll take a look.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Front End Behavior Problems 25.05.2018 14:31

I've submitted a ticket, thanks.

The incorrect tutorial can be found here:

Re: Front End Behavior Problems 28.05.2018 09:17

right, that one contained instructions for previous versions, sorry for that and thank you very much for the feedback, it's been corrected now. We'll handle your other issue at the ticket thread, thanks.

Moonsoft Team
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