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Add new row not working and theme broken in v3 31.05.2016 22:50


This is very buggy in J3, considering J3 is now the standard and has been for a long time I find it surprising this clearly hasn't been updated for J3 other than to make it as compatible.

In the hours I have been using this, I have come across a number of issues, but I only want to bring up 1 right now and that is the Save and Cancel buttons do not work when adding a new record. It also looks alful, the text input is right at the bottom of the form, the broken buttons in the middle and it's not matching the theme selected or site theme.

Please look into testing this in J3 and please investigate why the add record is broken in J3.


PS. If anyone is curious to see just how bad this is, Look here:

Re: Add new row not working and theme broken in v3 01.06.2016 09:33

we don't have any bug reported for J3 at this time, and this extension is running properly on hundreds of J3 sites, so we're pretty sure your issues are site-specific, as they don't happen on a default template on a clean installation. At your image we can clearly see some style being inherited from your template is modifying the default layout. If you're interested in solving your site template problem and any other conflict you have, please place a private ticket at your customer helpdesk sharing an url and we'll let you know to fix.

Moonsoft Team
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