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MS Table Manager don`t works 08.03.2016 16:16

Sorry for the general threadtitle, but otherwise I can not describe the problems.

I create a table (New Table from CSV). After that step i can`t find a new table in the Joomla-Backend. OK - the plugin create a table on the database.

In the next step i "Add data to table from CSV". i choose the table, insert my the csv string, save an close

After that stap i also can`t find a tble in my joomla Backend but the fields are correct importet to the table in the database

Please help me - why the plugin write into database but can`t read it?

Re: MS Table Manager don`t works 08.03.2016 16:57


We can ensure the extension is working properly and if you can't see your new table must be due to any other reason. If you don't get any errors when creating or inserting data at a new table, the new db table is created and you should see it at your default schema. Please specify where do you state you can't see your table (please note it will be created with the name you specified at configuration step, which can be with or without prefix).

Moonsoft Team

Re: MS Table Manager don`t works 11.04.2016 16:57

Hello, thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately the table manager is really very buggy on our System. After creating the table with csv, the table is correctly created in the database, but not included into the Joomla-Backend. So i have to choose "NEW" and select the new created table manually. (Is this normal?)

The bigger Problem ist, that in the most cases it is not possible to edit oder delete records on the first try.

For example whe i try to delete a record in the frontend, i have to do that two or three times until it works. For edit a field it is the same.

Unfortunately, the page is internal and can not be reached from the Internet

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Re: MS Table Manager don`t works 11.04.2016 17:11

in fact we can ensure the table manager works perfectly, as it doesn't contain any reported bug at this time. We're pretty sure that strange behaviour is caused by any optimizator/delay at your side, we have seen before server configurations causing delays on db updates, it can be also your case. You can make a quick test to check if it is the db session handler which is delaying the function, please change for a while at your joomla config 'session handler' to 'none' and try again the save. Please let us know the result, depending on your answer we can send you a code tweak to ask table manager to 'wait' to overcome your server delay.

The other problem is not a real issue itself, if you want to publish an existing table of your db using table manager, you need to use 'new', and link the preferred table to publish. If you don't have the table created, you can create it using csv load at table manager, and then the table will be at your db, now you're at the same point as before, you need to use 'new' to create a new table manager entry linked with the table you need to publish, that is the expected function.

Please let us know the results

Moonsoft Team

Re: MS Table Manager don`t works 11.04.2016 17:26

Hello - ok - when it`s normal to create the table in 2 Steps no problem - than that works fine.

I set the session handler to none and it works to edit the data at the first try - great!

How can we proceed? You said that you could provide me with a small workaround?

Re: MS Table Manager don`t works 11.04.2016 17:47


This confirms database delay is the reason why you get that strange behaviour. The better (even performance) option is to set 'Session handler' to 'None'. But if you want to keep your setting you can add this code tweak: edit 'JOOMLA/components/com_mstablemanager/models/dataraw.php', line 123, increase:


to fix. For example:


Moonsoft Team
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