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Links in table 05.03.2015 13:40

Goodmorning, One of the fields in my table is a column of links, and I want to avoid the reformat of the table depending on these links length.
As suggested in one of the previous topic, I could use the Calculated Edit tipe to insert some php code and eventually wrap these links.

What I'm trying to do is this:
$link = 'Link to the file';

However, any HTML code is authomatically deleted when saving, and any slash / results in an "undefined" string (this happens in the fields name too), thus if i write in that string, it will results in
That's not a big deal since I take the links directly from the db, however I need a solution for displaying the links.

Re: Links in table 05.03.2015 17:05

Yes, except inside html editors these tags are stripped. We've just uploaded a new version adding html support at the calculated field expression, please download and upgrade your version.

Remember to use always SINGLE quotes to build your expressions in order to avoid breaking the format of the recovered data.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Links in table 05.03.2015 18:08

Great! But I think I found a bug. I wrote my code with html as in the previous post for the calculated field, however once i've done it the buttons Reload fields, save, save and close, and close seem to be disabled. They work fine if i don't use any HTML.

EDIT: Just found out you strip the comments here too.

What it the new Show filter column though?

Edited by gughi25 - 05.03.2015 18:12

Re: Links in table 06.03.2015 09:01

yes, some code tags are also stripped at the forum, if you want to share code you can place a ticket at the helpdesk instead. We tested here and the buttons are working, can you please double check you used single quotes to build your calculated column?
If you can't get it working we suggest to place a ticket to share the calculated expression you're trying to build in order we can reproduce here.

The new show filter allows to show at the frontend a filter (text, combobox, date ranges..) specific for that column. Must be enabled at config->front end display.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Links in table 06.03.2015 15:33

I'm using single quotes for php strings, however the string itself had double quotes in it, I used them to build a href tag. I thought those wouldn't be a problem since they are inside the string, thus considered a char. I just tried to remove them and the tag still work fine, so I'm done.

Thank you.
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